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  • Amy Smith


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Thanks in part to the relationships we established on our recent trip to Asia, and to our many generous supporters around the world, we exceeded our goal of $70,000!

We would like to thank everyone who contributed, gave us feedback and encouragement, and helped support us through our campaign. With the funding we have achieved, we can provide Eatwell sets to people in need!

We are excited to start the next step in the process, which is to finalize the design and then immediately begin manufacturing so we can make our target delivery dates.

Recently, we have been asked about the possibility of ordering Eatwell sets now that the campaign has ended. We will be adding an ordering page on the Official Eatwell website soon, and will update you when our page is available and on our continued progress in the days and weeks to come.


感謝在世界各個角落的支持者! Eatwell輔助餐具在indiegogo認購計劃成功達到生產門檻!由衷感謝所有認購Eatwell的朋友們,以及時常鼓勵我們,時常 提供您寶貴意見與分享任認購訊息的朋友們!

有了這筆資金,我們終於可以進入到下一個階段,在修改模型後立即進入生產程序,將 Eatwell輔助餐具遞送給有需要的人!


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