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What makes Eatwell unique?

EATWELL is an assistive tableware set designed for people to eat independently.  It's universal, user-centric design can be used by anyone but especially benefit those with cognitive (such as Alzheimer's and other dementias), motor (Parkinson's disease, various scleroses), and physical (injury, infirmity) impairments.  After years of research and development, EATWELL won a few international awards including first place at Stanford Design Challenge out of 52 teams in 15 countries and was also named one of the 20 best inventions of the year by Time Magazine. 



There are over twenty unique features in every EATWELL set. Every design detail and decision can be traced back to a finding or discovery made during the four-year process. 

There are more than 20 features in each Eatwell independent eating devices

The major features are

  • high contrast colors helps users distinguish food from tableware and stimulate appetite.

  • specially curved spoons match the contours of the bowls to provide smoother, easier motions.

  • slanted bottom and deep chambers collect food at corners for easier scooping.

  • anti-tip design prevents accidents from tipping cups and mugs

This tableware design applied research conducted by Boston University help users distinguish food better by using bright colors. According to the study, colors help a person with dementia to reduce visual impairment and consume 24% more food and 84% more liquid. It’s the first time I realized that simple design can make big differences!


Eatwell demencia friendly eating utensils
Eatwell, right angle side stop the user push food outside of bowls
Eatwell, slanted bottom bowl design, enable people to get food easier

Therefore I chose blue to be the inner color since there is no food that comes in the color of blue. 

I also chose to use red and yellow to help stimulate their appetite.


The slanted bottom design can help users to gather food on one side without scooping.



The right angle side of the bowl is designed to help users collect food into the spoon more easily and also to prevent food from being accidentally scooped out of the bowl. 

Eatwell, spoon curvature makes people with dementia or stroke scoop food easier
Both spoon heads are designed to match the curvature of the bowls to pick up the food easier.  
Eatwell, spoon curvature makes people with dementia or stroke scoop food easier
One side matches the curvature of the wall while the other side matches the basin. 
Eatwell assitive tableware

Every product in the EATWELL set has anti-slippage material on the bottom to prevent slipping or sliding. 

Eatwell assitive dinning ware se, including an anti-tipping cups with a cup lid
Eatwell, demencia friendly dinning ware set including an anti-tipping mug with a lidware set

To prevent the cups from tipping over, one cup has a rubber base that acts as a stabilizer.  

Another cup has a handle that extends to the tabletop for added support. The handle is also specifically designed to benefit users with arthritis.

Future product

Eatwell the best independent eating set in the world

A tray that allows users to clip an apron onto the edge to help catch any dropped food and preventclothing stains. 

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