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alzheimer's affects my grandma and the whole family
spoon prototypes for Eatwell
Stanford Design Challenge first winner, Sha Yao, Eatwell
Eatwell 8-piece assistive tableware set


Enhancing Dining Experiences with functional and aesthetic tableware


At Eatwell, our journey began with a heartfelt inspiration - the memory of a beloved grandmother who bravely battled dementia. As her caregiver, I witnessed the challenges faced by individuals living with progressive Alzheimer's and the heavy burden it places on those who care for them. Fueled by a strong desire to make a positive difference, we set out on a mission to create innovative tableware that could enhance the quality of life for people in need while also supporting their caregivers.

Understanding the profound impact of dementia on daily activities, we immersed ourselves in adult daycare centers, engaging with caregivers and observing firsthand the unique struggles faced during mealtime. It became apparent that eating, a simple and fundamental task for most, could become an arduous and frustrating experience for those with cognitive and sensory impairments.


Driven by the belief that everyone deserves a dignified and joyful dining experience, we designed Eatwell - a tableware set with a user-centered approach. Our mission was clear: to increase food intake, maintain dignity for our users, and alleviate the challenges faced by caregivers by simplifying the process of eating. Our journey was marked by rigorous research, creative brainstorming, and iterative design refinements based on valuable feedback from professional caregivers.


The culmination of our efforts came when Eatwell was awarded first place at the esteemed 2014 Stanford Design Challenge, emerging victorious among 52 teams from 15 countries. With unwavering support from those who shared our vision, we proudly introduced our first product set in 2015. The response from our users has been incredibly heartwarming, driving Eatwell to be recognized as one of the "20 best inventions of the year" by Time Magazine.


To us, Eatwell is more than just tableware; it is a symbol of love, care, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and their dedicated caregivers. Every innovation we introduce is thoughtfully designed, ensuring ease of use, enhanced functionality, and a delightful dining experience for our users. We are grateful for the opportunity to honor the memory of our loved ones through this meaningful endeavor. Our journey continues as we embrace our role as advocates for better dining experiences, and we remain dedicated to expanding our reach, making Eatwell accessible to all who need it.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we can create a world where thoughtful design and compassion converge, transforming mealtimes into moments of joy, connection, and dignity.

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