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  • Amy Smith

Umpqua Bank’s Catalyst series features Eatwell!


We are thrilled to announce that Eatwell will be featured in the Umpqua Bank Catalyst series! Umpqua Bank’s Catalyst series features innovators that speak on breaking convention, shaping new categories and increasing commercial good. We’ve been selected to participate in a feature along with Indiegogo as an example of an empowering project. On Nov 10-11, we will be displayed at the Catalyst Series showcase located at the Umpqua Bank’s main office at 450 Sansome Street in San Francisco. To attend a speaker event with the co-founder of Indiegogo in the evening of November 10, please RSVP at:

非常開心地告訴大家在,Eatwell 受到在舊金山新銀行 downtown的 Umpqua Bank 的邀請,將在11月10日到現場展示Eatwell,告訴大家有關Eatwell的故事歐!在數千個Indiegogo 的募資計劃中 Umpqua Bank 只選了三件作品,很開心地Eatwell的設計理念打動了他們,我們被選中了!!!在灣區有興趣的朋友歡迎到 450 Sansome Street 現場參加歐,透過最新型的電子服務,現場民眾可以直接捐助campaign, Indiegogo的CEO也會到場,希望她喜歡我們的campaign,願意幫我們宣傳,幫助我們早日達成目標!RSVP at:

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