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  • Amy Smith

Featuring Carol from Minding Our Elders!

Carol is an author, columnist, blogger, and consultant who spent over two decades caring for a neighbor and six elderly family members. As a result of this experience, she wrote “Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories,” a portable support group for caregivers.

Carol’s websites, Minding Our Elders and Minding Our Elders blog, include links to helpful agencies, articles rich with information and comfort, and resources for caregiver, boomer, and elder needs. In her latest newsletter, she provides a comprehensive list of products, services and technologies to help elders and the people who take care of them. Thank you Carol for featuring Eatwell! Let's see what great products she recommend! (Original post, please see here. ) Activities for dementia

  • The Alzheimer’s Store is an excellent resource for dementia care products of all types. Two products of note are the Paint with Water Coloring Sheets and the Magic Painting Book.

  • Alzheimer’s and other dementia: Facts and figures published by the Alzheimer’s Association ( about who may get it and what newer treatments may do to help.


  • ActiveCare Bed by Med-Mizer is designed to allow a person with mobility to safely get into and out of bed.

Companion pets

  • Joy for All: An effective pet companion for those who aren’t able to care for a living animal.

Dementia Clock

  • Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night by Philips from Amazon.


  • Help getting up off the floor: MAIDeSITe Electric Chair Lift can be raised to 20 inches to help you stand up. It works best if the person needing help can follow instructions.

Hearing aids

  • Lost hearing aids: Hearing aid clips can be purchased from Amazon.

  • App-controlled, dual microphone hearing aids are available from Zvox.

  • Pocket talker: Sound Pocket Talker 2.0.


  • Meal plans: There are, of course, many plans available, but Mom's Meals one may qualify for insurance coverage.

  • Meal aids for Parkinson’s and dementia, or arthritis: Raise the plate or bowl to an easier level with a meal lifter from

  • Innovative eating utensils are primarily for dementia but are also helpful for other conditions such as Parkinson’s and arthritis. These can be found at


  • Medicine Bottle Opener: with Magnifier and LED Light Multi-Opener for Better Grip Strength can be found from Amazon.

  • Automatic dispenser review: Visit the topic deep-dive section online at Tech Enhanced Life for a breakdown.

  • Manual dispenser: The Alzheimer's Store carries the a pill box dispenser called Med-e-lert.


  • App for memory recall: HippoCamera is helpful for people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s who need some assistance cementing short-term memories.

  • Connecting teens and seasoned adults: Generation Connect.

  • Digital photo frame: Available for purchase on Amazon and elsewhere.

  • Mobile phone: Raz picture phone for older adults can be purchased at The Alzheimer’s Store or from

  • Tablet: Video chat and more with Viewclix.

  • Connect and entertain: with AlzBuddy.


  • Toilet lift: Deluxe toilet aids from Dignity Lift can help make toileting at home easier.

  • Tub Slider: Assists with safely transferring someone into the tub.

  • Patient lift sling: A heavy duty transfer sling for quicker, easier, safer transfers and toileting is available on Amazon.


  • Unique walker to help with transfers: FOOTBAR Walkers help patients improve, retrain or regain sit-to-stand transfer function — recommended by a physical therapist.

  • Walker for narrow areas: A lightweight, narrow walker is available from Rickle.

To learn more about Carol and her reconditions, please see here.

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