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  • Amy Smith

New Old: design for the future selves exhibition

New exhibition info: Pratt Manhattan Gallery presents New Old: Designing for our Future Selves, an exhibition exploring cutting-edge design solutions for our rapidly aging society. The design concepts are centered around six themes: Identity, Community, Mobility, Home, Aging and Working.

This exhibition is organized by the prestigious Design Museum, London and Pratt is the only U.S. venue for the tour. NEW OLD features a selection of projects along with design commissions by Yves Béhar / Fuseproject and Superflex, Konstantin Grcic, Future Facility, Special Projects, IDEO, and PriestmanGoode. This installment is updated with work by five faculty members from Pratt’s School of Design, including Andrea Katz, Karol Murlak, Mitchell Reece, Alex Schweder, and Keena Suh, along with additional US-based projects. Eatwell is honored to be added as one of the US participants. It is the second time Eatwell is being exhibited in a museum in NY after Cooper Hewitt.

Now until Mar 23, 2020

Pratt Manhattan Gallery Pratt Institute

photo credit:di-conexiones

Design-Museum London


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